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Release notes for Geminus v1.30
Geminus JPEG acceleration

  • Allows the use of rotated and transformed (eg. skewed) JPEG images in !Draw, !OpenVector, !OvationPro, !ArtWorks2 and other applications.

  • Decoding and rendering is about 3 times faster than the RISC OS 5SpriteExtend module. (Also faster than the RISC OS 4/Select/Adjust SpriteExtend module but the difference is not as great because these versions already have faster JPEG decoding.)

  • Decoding and rendering of JPEGs is now performed in USR mode so that audio playback and ShareFS network traffic, for example, will continue even when decoding and rendering large images. (This also allows the code to be Alt-Breaked in the event that an incorrect/corrupted file exposes a flaw in the decoder.)

  • Greater robustness against incorrectly coded images. (RISC OS 5 SpriteExtend will often crash the machine if presented with spurious information.)

  • A modified version of the 'djpeg' utility will be released as open source code allowing other applications to benefit from the faster JPEG decoding by calling the Geminus module.


  • Updated GemConfig to handle initial spaces and mixed case keywords in MDF files too. Only the module was updated previously.

  • Added required text for MDF- and config-related error messages to GemConfig (previously reported as 'Unspecified error').

  • Corrected handling of CR/LF terminated MDF and Modes files.

  • Sprites passed to Tinct_Plot were being corrupted (sprite size set to 1), causing 'Unrecognised sprite data' in some images saved from NetSurf.