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Release notes for Geminus v1.10
  • Accelerate sprite plotting via Tinct (only solid, unscaled sprites to 32bpp modes currently) to assist NetSurf and Firefox (uses DMA acceleration for large sprites).

  • Matching of keywords in MDF files and Modes file changed to be case-insensitive for conformity with the ScreenModes module.

  • Corrected acceleration code in 8bpp modes

  • Implemented accelerations for 90 and 180 degree rotations.

  • Improved redraw cacheing logic to be more effective, and to make better use of the off-screen store.

  • Bug fix: name matching against config fixed so that apps such as
    Oregano2 and PDF may now have their own settings.

  • Bug fix: limit use of off-screen storage to y co-ordinates that
    the NVIDIA chipset can handle.

  • Bug fix: correct text colours and cursor for VDU4 mode (eg. at the F12 command line)

  • DMA acceleration employed for copying between screens of the
    same orientation, so that dual screen portrait modes can now be accelerated and use no extra memory for an emulated screen.

    Copying between screens of different orientations will still fall back to software emulation.
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