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Release notes for DeskDebug v1.09
Bug fixes and improvements

  • Source files, that does not generaty any code fragments, are now treated properly.

  • When the "Source names" window is opened, then it is now scrolled so, that the name of the executed source file is visible in the window.

  • If the WimpSlot is too small for the program to be examined, then an error is generated. Until now the computer crashed in this situation

  • The memory dump can now be saved as a text file.

  • The pointer provided by the SWI "OS_GetEnv" in R0 is now re-directed to the environment buffer in DeskDebug. This ensures, that the right environment string is always shown.

  • Bug in the Register dump copy routine fixed: For the FPU registers 16 instead of 12 bytes were copied, resulting in important handler addresses were corrupted.

  • The majority of SWIs with the X-Bit set (except Wimp SWIs and some others) are now trapped so that on error the error block provided in R0 is copied into a buffer in DeskDebug, and the error block pointer is altered accordingly. This prevents error messages being overwritten by using the original error block, so that they are incorrect

  • Bug in the windows generating loop fixed: DeskDebug crashed, when the examined program was started or when the icon bar menu item "Source Path" was clicked, if in the "Choices" file the debugger window positions were saved.

  • Bug in the choices setting and saving fixed: The two options in the frame "Misc" in the Choices window were saved incorrectly.

  • Bug in the error handler fixed: After errors the register contents were not displayed.

  • The SWI "Wimp_TransferBlock" is no longer trapped, but executed immediately and normally.

  • Bug in the SWI handler fixed: The pointer to the table of hidden windows was corrupted, so that the handle of the window in front was not written into the table, when the SWI "Wimp_OpenWindow" was executed. This caused on some applications, that windows did not
    go in the background, when the corresponding icon was clicked.