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Release notes for DeskDebug v1.08
Bugfixes and improvements

  • In the error window the program name was not shown anymore. This is now fixed.
  • The interactive help displayed wrong messages for the most windows and icons. This is now fixed.
  • The memory space for the source line index table was too small for big projects. Its size is now checked and adapted to the needs while the source file infos and source line lengths are read.
    When too little memory space is available, an error message appears, and the session is terminated.
  • When a program checks the reference numbers of messages, like "TechWriter" does this, then saving with drag'n'drop a file icon did not work. The message handling is now separate from the handling of other Wimp SWIs. The SWI Wimp_SendMessage is now executed immediately so, that the correct return values are written into the message block, but no message is sent yet.
    When the examined programm calls Wimp_Poll or Wimp_PollIdle, then the DeskDebug pre-filter takes the messages from the queue and sends them by using the SWI Wimp_SendMessage normally.
    The new reference numbers, that thereby are generated, are brought into relations with the reference numbers generated by the earlier pseudo call, so that later for each message reply the correct reference number can be supplied to the examined program.
  • Windows, that consists of multiple interrelated windows, would brought to the foreground, as soon as they were moved, even when their title bars were clicked with {adjust}.
    An additional update of the window table fixed this wrong behaviour.
  • DeskDebug works now together wit the ColourPicker module and allows it to register & de-register its filters. Additionally DeskDebug allows now to register and de-register other filters.
  • When DeskDebug was started without being 'filer_booted', then the program icon was invisible.
    This is now fixed by copying the first line from the '!Boot' file into the '!Run' file.
  • When in the iconbar menu the item 'Help' is selected, and the interactive help application is already running, then DeskDebug does no longer send the key code [F1] to the application with the input focus, because this opened the help windows of the application with the input focus.
  • On context changes the register contents now are read from the concerning stack frame, and are displayed in the 'Registers' windows, if the option 'Update registers and variables on change' is ticked. This ensures, that in the 'Variable list' window the register variable contents are shown correctly too, if you look on any contextes.

  • The size of the context window is now changeable. The source file name and the procedure name are now shown separately. Additionally the start address, start line number amd start column number of the concerning procedure are shown. The register windows and the variable list are updated, if the option 'Update registers and variables on change' is ticked. If you activate this option after changing the context, then that update is now done too. Furthermore the context location is shown in the disassembler and in the source listing window, in the procedure
    list window the concerning procedure name is highlighted, and in the source filename window the concerning source file name is highlighted.
  • The possibility to double-click in the listing windows is removed. The variable list is now updated only after break-points, single-steps, errors and context changes. This update namely is meaningful only in these cases.