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Release notes for DeskDebug v1.06
Bug fixes and UI impovements

Note: German version available here

  • If the examined program opens a window with Wimp_CreateMenu or Wimp_CreateSubmenu, then DeskDebug opens the related hidden window with Wimp_OpenWindow. This ensures, that Wimp_GetWindowState returns the correct values. If the examined Programs calls Wimp_CreateMenu or Wimp_CreateSubmenu with R1 = -1, then DeskDebug closes the hidden window. Furthermore it checks after each call to Wimp_Poll or Wimp_PollIdle, if the menu window is still open. If it is closed, then DeskDebug closes the hidden window too.

  • The examination, if the debug data contains an absolute pathname in a File Info Item, is improved. DeskDebug treats now a pathname as absolute, if it contains the char "$". This ensures that a pathname is not treated as absolute, only if it contains the name of the application directory.

  • Pathnames in File Info Items are now recognised not only, if they begin with "s.", "c." or "c++.", but also, if they contain ".s.", ".c." or ".c++." somewhere. In this way pathnames are recognised correctly too, if they point indirectly to the directories, that contains the source files.

  • Select-click on the DeskDebug program icon before the start of a debug session opens the Parameter window, or after the start of a debug session it brings the Control, ARM Registers, FPU Registers, Wimp Event and Context windows to the foreground.

  • The source pathname can now be changed after the start of a debug session. If you can open the Source Listing window, but see in it only line numbers, then the source files could not be found. Now you can change the source pathname by using the Source Pathname window without terminating and then start again the debug session.

  • Since the version 1.00 the Message Protocol "DataOpen" did not work anymore, if in the Wimp_Poll loop a breakpoint was set. Now fixed.

  • The menu on the Memory Dump window now contains the entry "Search" at its first position, as the menus of the Symbol Table, Procedures and Variables List windows.

  • After a click on "Debug" in the Parameter window or press on the return key, if this window has the input focus DeskDebug now checks if a debug session is running and issues an error message if so. Until now the computer could crash in this case.

  • In the Search window the wildcard are now activated by default.

  • To redraw window contents the visible area is now calculated into the corresponding work area, that then is provided to Wimp_ForceRedraw. In this way the whole visible are - and only this - is redrawn. This is simpler and better than the previous method, that redrawn the pre-defined work area.

  • The name of the executed source listing in the Source Name window and the name of the executed procedure in the Procedures window are now only highlighted if the examined program stands still at the corresponding location. In the previous version they were also highlighted if the program was running freely, which does not make a lot of sense as in this case the execution location is changing rapidly.

  • DeskDebug now sets the first breakpoint in "C" programs correctly at the entry to the procedure "main", even if there are no source infos available for it. DeskDebug searches for the name "main" in the symbol table instead of the procedures list, and gets the corresponding address from there. To ensure that the program is really a "C" one, DeskDebug checks that at leas one debug info section contains "C" source infos. If it does, then DeskDebug acts accordingly.

  • Now the Memory Dump and Disassembler windows only flicker if the examined program changes the size of the application memory. All other windows do not flicker anymore, when the running examined program gets Wimp events.

  • In the Variable Options window you can now change the number of the nesting levels. Furthermore I re-designed this window. Instead many radio buttons there are now three displays changeable with up and down arrows. The two options "Array elements" and "Nesting levels" provide eight values each, the option "Structure elements" provides four values.

  • In the Search and Save windows you can now change the selected radio button, that indicates what is saved or searched for, by pressing [Page up] or [Page down]. Furthermore in the Search window you can toggle the options "Case sensitive" with [Ctrl C] and "Use wildcards" with [Ctrl W].

  • In the Control window the option "Source step" is now activated by default.

  • The Disassembler Options window now provides the possibility to change the displayed lengths of labels and symbols. The switchable display provides the four stages switched off, 32 chars, 64 chars and full length.