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Release notes for DeskDebug v1.05
More bugfixes and UI improvements. Keep those suggestions coming on our support forums

  • DeskDebug checks, if Debug Infos are available, before it generates the variables list. This avoids crashes when programs without any Debug Infos are examined.

  • If *no* Debug Infos are available, then the option "Source Step" is disabled. This avoids errors with programs without Debug Infos.

  • When "Wimp_OpenWindow" and "Wimp_CloseWindow" are called for hidden windows, then the X-bit of these SWIs is set, to avoid unnecessary error messages.

  • In the Source Name window the name of the executed source file is now marked with a star and highlighted with another colour. After a double click on a source filename the displayed source can be different from the executed one. The marker and highlighting are not altered.

  • The name of the displayed source file is now displayed between quotes
    in the title of the Source Listing window.

  • The marking and highlighting of the executed line in the Source Listing
    window now works reliably.

  • In the Procedures window the line of the executed procedure is now marked with a star and highlighted with another colour.

  • The routine, that reads the Debug Infos, checks now, whether the relative pathnames of the source files begin with "s.", "c." or "c++.".
    Until now DeskDebug did get simply the first filename, so that often files with "h." were treated as source files. Furthermore the Fragment count is now correctly used. This improvement makes, that large Debug Infos of "C++" programs are read and understood correctly so that DeskDebug no longer crashes on reading the Debug Infos.

  • When the Debug Infos contain FileInfo Items, that are so big, that their size can not be presented in 16 bits, then the upper 16 bits of the FileInfo Item Code Field is set to zero. Until now this brought DeskDebug into an endless loop. This is now fixed, so that the pointer into the Debug Infos is increased correctly in this case too.