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Release notes for DeskDebug v1.04
Many UI and control enhancements, from user feedback on the forums

  • The Control window does not flicker anymore, when the debugee is not (yet / anymore) a wimp task.

  • When a user tried to debug a squeezed executable, or a program running in a TaskWindow, DeskDebug would crash. These situations are now trapped and an error is reported instead.

  • The "Continue" button in the Control window is auto-repeating. (The "Single step" button already is auto-repeating)

  • The option "BL real time" has been renamed to "Step over Procedures". This is easier to understand for high level language programmers. Selecting this option will cause calls to procedures and functions to be executed real-time whilst single-stepping.

  • The options "Step over Procedures", "Source step", "No Null Events", "No Pointer Events" and "No Messages" now remain un-changed between debugging sessions, as long as "DeskDebug" remains loaded.

  • Adjust-clicking on "Single step" or pressing [F5] with [Ctrl] held down now temporarily inverts whatever option is selected by "Step over Procedures". Usefull if you want to single-step into only one procedure and not them all.

  • Select-click on "Continue" or the key [F6] continues the debuggee realtime until the next 'fixed' break-point.

    Adjust-Click on "Continue" or [Ctrl][F6]
    inside a procedure executes it in real-time until the end of the procedure.

  • The option button "Input focus" is replaced with an up-arrow and a down-arrow. This lets you not only get the input focus into the Control window, but also to 'move' it into the listing windows.