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Release notes for Geminus demo v1.31

  • Attempted change to memory usage so that redraw cacheing provides some benefit on large screens (2048 x 1536) on 32MB cards. I am unable to test this properly due to a lack of suitable hardware.
  • Modified GemConfig to automatically replace the loaded Geminus module if GemConfig contains a newer version.

Bug fixes

  • Geminus was rejecting extremely small (eg. 8x8) JPEGs and thus stopping JCut from rendering anything.

  • At certain rotation angles, especially 90 degrees clockwise, an oversight in the code caused a dramatic slowdown in the rendering. In the process of fixing this, the transformed plotting has also been speed up slightly.

  • Correctly prevents changing into modes that are too large for the configured surface size (only observed with very large desktops in practice).