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Release notes for Aemulor for IYONIX pc v2.31
User interface changes & additions

  • Small tweaks to saving of module help text to improve conformance.

  • Scroll wheel support

  • Shift-dragging something onto Aemulor adds it to the Applications window.

Compatibility improvements

  • Implemented undocumented passing of command tail, load address and exec address to executable code because some errant code relies upon it.

  • Using the StrongARM engine CP15, C2 now returns bits[13:0] which is the undocumented behaviour seen on a real SA. (Some old code assumes this register is the ARM3 cache control register)

  • SharedSound support in Pro

  • ABCLibrary updated to 4.15

  • Eureka ToolSprites issues resolved (application code assumed 16 colour, fully-opaque toolsprites and 16 colour filetype sprites. This is no longer true)

2.31-specific Bug fixes

  • RMEnsure failed to return error message if the module was absent/too old and there was no trailing command

  • When loaded, Aemulor now reports an error and refuses to start if any running task is already using more than 28MB of memory. Thanks to Rob Davison for this solution.

  • Corrected running of application directories (the altered behaviour of 2.30
    caused Obey files and desktop launchers to start 26-bit applications natively instead of emulated)

  • Fixed detection of unaligned (image) filing systems entry points. This fault sometimes rendered Win95FS unusable.

Aemulor 2.31 also contains all of the bug fixes released in Aemulor Pro 2.30